painting technique

For several years I have been creating paintings, referring to my subconscious. First, I apply paint to the canvas without a preliminary plan, obeying only unconscious desires. The result is a canvas that looks like a snow-covered concrete slab. Cracks, pits, and bulges appear on it. Then I carefully look at the picture from different angles of view and suddenly I begin to see eyes, faces, and figures. A plot begins to take shape in my mind.

The choice of images and meanings in the process of creativity is my hero's path, which I go through on each of my canvases. This is my journey from child archetype to sage. And I believe that during the creation of my paintings, I catch the voice of the universe, the voice of my subconscious. Sometimes I feel like I'm predicting the future.

My method explores the possibility of determining the development trends of society through the intuitive creation of images and further conscious interpretation of meanings.

My research is based on Freud and Jung's belief in the influence of the collective unconscious on the emergence of myths and dreams, and its influence on creativity.
Jung interpreted the unconscious of entire societies as a source of myths. All mythology originated from the matrix of the experience of society, which means that the future idea of the world and man will also come out of it.

Jung considered creative fantasy to be the most important human function. It comes from the predisposition of the unconscious to this. It is a source of creative impulses, a source of inspiration. The characteristic features of the creative activity of the unconscious are involuntariness, spontaneity, lack of control by consciousness, and conscious efforts of the will.

It seems to me that human creativity is the most mysterious and magical manifestation of the universe.
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