What if it's true that our whole life on Earth is a big kind virtual GAME, and we are all just AVATARS? And we have the ability to choose our destiny for the next 100 years?

So, in my paintings, I create various possible versions of human destinies and AVATARS.
Welcome to the Game ON EARTH
Series of artworks
'Solve the secrets of the universe'

"God is playing on Earth with his avatars"
What if it's true that our whole life on Earth is a big kind GAME, and we are all just AVATARS?
Then who is the real player?

Size 100x120 cm, oil, canvas.

"Matrix Failure"
This work refers us to the paintings of the futurists, who explore movement and convey dynamics.
Variability is clearly visible, matter passes through several faces and emotions. Reality is unsteady, ringing, joking with us, winking by a thousand faces. It's a matrix failure.
The "Manifesto of Futurism" by Giacomo Balla glorified the future and extolled the movement. 100 year ago Futurists dreamed of progress.

Today, technological progress is daily manifesting itself with new facets, but do our human personalities keep up with it, or are they stuck in a haze of ignorance?
But, no, wait, we clearly see how the soul of humanity is changing, through many images and faces, from an animal grin to a vulnerable and sincere person who accepts himself and others.
This will be our future, full of acceptance, tolerance, and freedom.

Size 80x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"Life is like a lost subway car going to eternity"
One day in a subway car, you suddenly meet a character that you drew 3 years ago
or notice something strange. Is reality laughing at us?
Or are we all living in a GAME?
For many years this subway car has been considered mysteriously missing. And then, one day, it appears at the station. Passengers in it are calm and indifferent. For them, only a moment has passed.

Oil, canvas, 100x120cm, 2019-22

"Once at a session with old Freud"
In today's world of change, we all feel the need for inner transformation.
Sincerity and vulnerability become the main force in the new reality.
Humanity seems to be at the reception of a psychoanalyst,
trying to honestly accept each of its fragments.
What does a psychoanalyst's patient feel?
Maybe he feels vulnerability, nakedness, and acceptance of his animal nature;
or pain and awareness of the multitude of Minds inhabiting his body?
How do we all feel in today's world?
Does the collective unconscious influence our future?

Oil, canvas, 120x100cm, 2019-23

"Humanity sleeps in the net of samsara"
Very soon there will be Metaverses, where our Avatars will live a vibrant life
that we can only dream of while we will sleep in networks of wires.
But what if it's already happening?
And we are already someone's Avatars? Then who is the real player?

Size 120x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"Dance, your Angel is with you!"
Sometimes we notice that some invisible hand pushes us away from trouble,
and leads us through life. Maybe our Angels exist?
Or is it the administrators of our global virtual game?
How wonderful it is to believe that life is a game,
and each of us has invisible strength and support.
There is our own Angel.

Size 80x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"The main question of the universe"
Sometimes it seems to me that I predict the future, the images themselves come to my canvases.
Here I see how the ship shells the city, and God looks sternly from above.
What is it, is he angry with the ship? Or, on the contrary, is it a test sent to the city from above?
Why does God allow wars, catastrophes, and the death of people in suffering?

Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2019-22

"The birth of a new man. last try"
This painting was originally called "Death by Fire". It was created in 2019
when terrible fires destroyed the Siberian forests.
But later I noticed that there are observers on the canvas.
And I realized that the story on the canvas is much deeper than just death.
This is the birth of a new man.
He will be wise, strong, and compassionate. He will not seek to crush and kill people who think otherwise.
He is born through pain and blood, fire and war. And all the other inhabitants of the universe observe this sacred process without undue compassion, understanding the need for this initiation.

Oil, canvas, 100x80cm, 2019-22

Size 60x60 cm, oil, canvas, 2022

Success is always multifaceted and complex. What is behind the sudden rise?
Years of insane faith in your idea and despair, meditative calmness and fears,
help from the Universe, and lonely wandering
in a misunderstanding of the path.

‘ Spirit Taunt’
Size 60x60 cm, oil, canvas.

The spirit is amused: "Don't be so serious and gloomy, life is a game!" But we don't hear.

‘ A load of grievances and complaints’
Size 60x60 cm, oil, canvas.

So often we come into this world as joyful kids, and leave as gloomy ruins with a load of
grievances and complaints. When does this ugly rebirth begin?

‘ The Universe hears you’
Size 60x60 cm, oil, canvas.

The Universe hears you. And it doesn’t matter if you are alone or in a crowd, hugging a dog, a child, or whispering something to a stone or a donkey. The Universe is always listening to you.

Series of artworks
'Choose your destiny'

The child looks hopefully after the departing mother.
An unfamiliar woman looks in surprise at a foundling. His fate depends on her decision.
And predators have already begun to gather around. What will she decide in the end?

Size 80x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"Unexpected sympathy"
When society loses its humanity and throws you in jail for freethinking,
one day you notice this sincere sympathy and compassion from a simple prison rat.
Is it true that animals are kinder and more humane than people?

Size 100x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"Save us, son"
Adults decomposing under the rays of propaganda turn for salvation to
a young man who is not exposed to the rays.
But an armed militant is already shooting in his back.

Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2019-22

"The ban on breathing"
This is an elephant with a constricted trunk.
The picture is devoted to the violation of individual freedom in dictatorial regimes.

Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2019

"The ghosts of a sunken ship"
Do these sailors and their commander regret that they once went to war?

Oil, canvas, 50x80cm, 2019-22

"The pirate lair"
What is more in the life of a pirate, romance and courage or fear?
Size 100x120 cm, oil, canvas.

"How does loneliness look like?"

Size 80x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"Silent conversation"
You can choose the happy fate of silent understanding and intimacy

Size 50x80 cm, oil, canvas.

Series of artworks
'Choose your avatar'

"In the avatar store"
Who would you like to be in your next life?
You can choose an avatar of any complexity - from a warrior and a clown
to a prophet or a movie star. Who do you dream to be?

Size 80x50 cm, oil, canvas.

"The man of the future"
The day is not far off when our smartphones will be built into our brains.
They will become one of our subpersonalities.

Size 100x120 cm, oil, canvas.

"New Nefertiti."
Size 120x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"What was the Queen of England afraid of?"
The Queen of England lived such a long, eventful life,
keeping her shoulders straight and her head proud, keeping a Human in her.
No one saw her fears and complaints. The shocks in the royal family did not break her.
But, after all, was the Queen afraid?

Size 100x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"The soul tree"
Our subconscious is populated by many minds. You can meet a queen and a noisy market beauty, shadows, a frightened child, and an incredulous adult there. They look with wonder at the simple and happy souls of animals who have no questions "Who am I? Am I okay?"

Today, in the age of great changes, the soul of humanity is also undergoing a profound transformation. Angels break into our souls, saving us from the energies of fear and anxiety, and healing our wounded inner children.

And this transformation of personality inevitably takes place within each of us, even if we do not notice it yet.
Size 80x100 cm, oil, canvas.

"Offended infant forever"
Size 100x80 cm, oil, canvas.

"The female soul"
The female soul is a mystery. Feline freedom and crow's wisdom live there.
Size 80x50 cm, oil, canvas.

"Proud ancestor"
Size 50x80 cm, oil, canvas.

"What mask will I wear today?''
Which avatar will you choose today?
A simple naive guy, an arrogant blonde, or a business shark?

Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2019-22

"When the whole universe is in my head.
Please stop launching rockets''

Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2019-23

"Night visit to the executioner-pensioner''
Well, who is the evil spirit here?

Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2022

"The all-powerful jester rules the king and the world''
Who really rules the world?
Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2022

Huge storms begin with a light whisper
Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2022

"The Minds of the mad professor''
Which mind is fighting for your body right now? Who wins?

Oil, canvas, 50x50cm, 2019-22

Canvases 20x20 cm

"The splitting of personality."
Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.
In each of us there is a man and a woman, a youngster and a crone.
Who is looking at you in the mirror today?

"The look of a madman."
Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.
Madmen are only illuminated by their truth, their guesses. No one can convince them. Their gaze is full of suspicion. They are everywhere.

"Breaking the world into fragments, feeling delight."
Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.
What drives villains, terrorists, dictators?
What delight of madness do they experience destroying the world? What are they hoping for?

"The Genie from a bottle."
Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.
People have been waiting for years for an old, wise, understanding wizard who will come, protect, reassure, and gift. And only real sages understand that such a genie already exists inside each of us, like in a bottle.
And someone will keep him locked up for all his life.


"The dog’s conversation with his owner."
Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.
-Tell me, my master, are you so devoted to me as I am to you? Are you ready to die for me?
-Not at all, my dog, not at all...

"The lord of the wind".
Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.
What is he, the lord of terrible winds, tsunamis, hurricanes, forest fires?
Why does he look so much like the ruthless Genghis Khan?


Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.


Harry Potter character

'Professor Severus Snape'
Size 20x20 cm, oil, canvas.
Harry Potter character.

"Silent question of nature: Man, are you sure about what you do?"
The painting depicts a wolf and an owl in the Siberian taiga.
Size 80x50 cm, oil, canvas.
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